Apiwise assists organizations in gaining more value and utility from their Small, Big, Linked, Open and/or Closed Data by using state-of-the-art semantic web APIs.

We give advice on Data Strategy, API Design, Developer Experience (DX), API Management and implementation from an 'API First' perspective.

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In a data driven world where terabytes of data are being generated every second, there is a proliferation of data that are often meaningless or difficult to use. At the same time, the need to enrich, interpret and exchange data is growing. The way data is accessible is crucial to its value. The W3C standard for structuring data, Linked Data, is gaining popularity and contributes to the formation of the 'Semantic Web', so we can finally talk about 'information' rather than 'data'. By following an 'API First' strategy for publishing, managing, promoting, monetizing and maintaining Open, Closed, Big, Small or Linked Data in a machine readable and developer friendly way, it is more likely that the 'Large Set of Unknown Clients' wants to consume your information, opening up new business opportunities and reducing time to market.

About us

We are Dimitri van Hees and Joost Farla, together accounting for more than 20 years experience as colleagues in the area of Information Management and Software Engineering. Did we trigger you or do you just want to say hello? Contact us via info@apiwise.nl, LinkedIn, or call Dimitri and we'll arrange a meeting: +31 6 41 01 17 44.